WKK Training Camps
Training Camps are designed to incorporate the benefits of longer hours of intense training, in a wide variety of disciplines, methods and technique. The Camps are normally 6hrs in duration and spread over a single day (Grade related). They are usually held within the week time of a School or College related break.
Tuesdays: Grey Stripe - Blue Belt (10th - 5th Kyu)
Thursdays: Purple, Brown & Black Belt (4th Kyu & Above)
Their itinerary normally consists of 
10.00 - 11.30 Kihon
11.30 - 12.00 Break
12.00 - 1.00 Kata
1.00 - 1.30 Lunch
2.00 - 4.00 Kumite
Individual topic areas are also divided into sub-sections.
1. Technique & Partnered Work 
2. Kata Application - Team Synchronisation
3. Impact Training (Pads & Bags)
4. Fighting Drills & Sparring
5. Speed & Agility
6. Strength & Conditioning
But are not always restricted to just these items.
Welsh Karate Kai (Honbu Dojo)
Units 1 - 3, Meadow Street,
Heol y Gors, Cwmbwrla,
City & County of Swansea.
SA1 6RZ.
The cost of Camps are 25 and include a free "T" Shirt. Camps are very popular and well attended, but are restricted in numbers, so registration is required in advance and it is advisable to book early.
Spring Camps: 
Tuesday 25th May: Stripe - Blue Belt (10th - 5th Kyu)
Thursday 27th May: Purple, Brown & Black Belt (4th Kyu & Above)
Winter Camps:
Tuesday 4th January 2022: Grey Stripe - Blue Belt
Thursday 6th January 2022: Purple, Brown & Black Belt
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