Federation of Wado Kai Europe

At the AGM of the FWE, held on Friday 2nd November 2012 in St. Polten, Austria, Welsh Karate Kai, along with fellow Members Belgium
were afforded "Full Member" status, including voting rights!

At the Competition held on Saturday 3rd November, WKK were successful in achieving 2 Gold Medals and 2 Top 5 positions from a small select Squad.

WKK will return to the FWE Europa-Cup in 2013 which will be held in Budapest, Hungary 1st - 3rd November 2013.

At the AGM of the FWE, held on Friday 14th October 2011 in Meissen, Germany, Welsh Karate Kai were admitted into Membership. In attendance, representing the WKK, were Jason Hayward & Robbie Scott.

Chief Instructor Paul Scott was unfortunately unable to attend, due to previous International commitments at the World Championships
in Melaka, Malaysia, as Wales National Coach. However, the small, but high quality WKK Delegation, were sufficient to secure Membership.

The FWE only permits 1 Organisation per Country and Welsh Karate Kai are enormously proud to have been selected as the Wales representative.

As a requirement, the WKK entered a small token Squad into the high-profile European Wado Kai Cup, yet still managed to produce 2 Bronze Medals from International Competitors, Robbie Scott & Sean Rees. The quality of these Karateka obviously helping to secure our Membership.

The WKK look forward to a long & prosperous relationship
with this Outrageously Talented & Technically Skilled Organisation!

As the only Welsh Members of this Organisation, we can now enjoy
Advanced Wado Kai Courses,
Wado Kata & Kumite Competition,
Referee & Judge Advancement,
Training Camps
A Host of Other "Wado" Events.

Yet another stepping-stone in the success of the WKK.


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