Competition Results

Welsh Bushi-Kai Invitational Championships 2nd December 2012
Congratulations to our Squad at this final event for 2012.
3 Gold, 7 Silver & 11 Bronze Medals from Jishín, Kubotan & Shíru. 
Fantastic performances & effort from everyone. Great support from Parents.

Gold: James Conlan - Lauren Hayward - Holly Mogford

Silver: Robert Potter (Kata) - Ethan Banks - Robert Potter - Danielle Williams. Girls U10 Team (Danielle, Megan & Sophia) Liam Downing
Matt Wright.
Bronze: Hamza Ahmed - Stuart Medicke - Boys 13-15 Team (James, Hamza & Josh) - Lloyd Haines (Kata) - Sophia Evans (Kata) - Megan Thomas - Portia Jones - Lloyd Haines - Jay Roberts - Liam Knight
Boys U12 Team (Liam D, Liam K & Jay)

Fantastic Results. Extremely proud of you all!

Federation of Wadokai Europe (FWE) Europa Cup 2nd - 4th November 2012
Congratulations to our small Squad that attended this event.
2 Gold & 2 Top 5 positions.
Holly Mogford (Gold)
Sammi Scott (Gold - Senior Ladies -60Kg)
Sean Rees (Top 5 - U21 Male -68Kg)
Sammi Scott (Top 5 - U21 Female -60Kg)

Pics to follow

Irish International Junior Open 26th May 2012

Congratulations to our Junior Squad at this prestigious event in Dublin.
5 Gold, 6 Silver & 6 Bronze Medals from Jishín, Kubotan & Shíru. Fantastic performances from all, particularly with it being first time in an International for most of the Competitors. Amazing Guys! Well Done!

Sammi Scott, Sean Rees, Jay Roberts, Kirsty James & Scott Lewis
Liam Downing, Reece Mabe, Holly Mogford, 
Rhodri Coleman, Danielle Williams & Holly Edwards
Lauren Hayward, Gareth Watkins, Robert Potter, 
Holly Mogford, Scott Lewis & Chloe Watson.

Scottish International Open 21st - 22nd April 2012
Robbie Scott - Gold (-67Kg) - Sammi Scott - Gold (-55Kg)
Only a small Squad for this event, but the 2 entries and subsequent 2 Golds, made it a very enjoyable weekend. Great performances from both, made it even better. Unfortunately Sweden not available for Sammi's photo. Well Done Both!

Robbie                                                                                             Sammi

Irish Open Championships 25th February 2012
Great results from Dublin.
Sammi Scott-Gold (Senior Female -55Kg).
Lauren Hayward - Gold (Girls Kumite).
Steffan Benson - Gold (Kata). 
Robbie Scott - Silver (Senior Male -75Kg).
Sammi Scott - Silver (Senior Female - Openweight).
Pics to follow.

European Wado-Kai Karate Championships 15th October 2011
Excellent results from Sean Rees - Bronze (U21 Male -75Kg) and Robbie Scott - Bronze (Senior Male -67Kg) at this high profile event. 



Jason, Sean & Robbie
Well Done Guys!
World Junior & Cadet Championships 13th - 16th October 2011
Congratulations to Sammi Scott, whilst only making the 2nd Round, plus Sai Shiai, has shown her maturity as a World & European Fighter, with her excellent performances.


Very Well Done!
British International Open Championships 1st & 2nd October 2011 - Glasgow
Congratulations to the WKK members who took part in this event. Great performances from everyone.

Sean Rees - Gold (Senior Male -67Kg).

Well Done Guys!
UK Open Championships Sunday 18th September 2011
Congratulations to the WKK Members that took part in this event.

Samantha Jones - Gold
Senior Female Team - Gold
Dionne Jones (Team Merthyr) - Gold
Rhian Davies - Silver
Keiran Chambers - Silver
Cori Francis - Bronze

Well Done Guys!
Welsh Open Championships Sunday 28th August 2011
Congratulations to all WKK Members that took part. A successful event with Competitors from India, Nigeria, Belgium, France & Russia. Large numbers from Scotland, Ireland, England and of course Wales. Next years event already promises to be very exciting.

Richard Chambers - Gold
Sammi Scott - Gold & Silver (Team)
Sean Rees - Silver & Bronze
James Conlan - Bronze

Under 10 Girls Team Kumite - Gold (Nia, Danielle & Megan)
Under 12 Girls Team Kumite - Bronze (Holly, Portia & Cori)
Under 10 Girls Individual Kumite - Silver (Danielle Williams)

Sam Jones - Silver
Rhian Davies - Bronze
Keiran Chambers - Bronze
Cori Francis - Bronze

Well Done Everyone!
Welsh Youth Open Championships Sunday 24th July 2011
Congratulations to all the WKK Members that took part, yet again, in the Open Championships in Cardiff. Great results and some very good performances from non-medalists. Well Done ALL!

U16 Girls Team - Gold
Lauren Padisson - Silver (U14 Girls)
Kyler Rees - Bronze (U16 Boys)

Lloyd Haines - Gold (U16 Kata)
Portia Ogden - Gold (U12 Girls)
U10 Girls Team - Silver
U12 Girls Team - Silver
Megan Thomas - Silver (U10 Girls)
Nia Francis-Davies - Bronze (U10 Girls)
Chloe Booth - Bronze (U12 Girls)
Lloyd Haines - Bronze (U16 Boys)

North Wales Open Championships
Saturday 11th June 2011
Congratulations to all WKK Members who took part in the North Wales Open Championships in Wrexham. Great Results with 3 Golds, 3 Silvers & 8 Bronze.


Megan Chambers (Kata) – Bronze



Sammi Scott (Senior Female Openweight) – Gold

Robbie Scott (Senior Male Openweight) – Gold

Sean Rees (Senior Male Openweight) – Silver
Ashley Edwards (Junior Male Openweight) - Silver
Luke Howard (Junior Male Openweight) - Bronze



Portia Ogden (Girls U10) - Gold
Megan Thomas (GirlsU10) - Bronze
Holly Mogford (Girls U10) - Bronze
Team (U12 Mixed) - Bronze (Holly Mogford, Portia Ogden & Ellis Gorton)


Liam Knight - Silver
Jac Rees - Bronze
Alex Jones - Bronze
Team (U12 Mixed) - Bronze (Robert Potter, Jay Roberts & Aaron Thomas)
Welsh Championships Saturday 9th April 2011
Congratulations to all WKK Members who took part in the Welsh Championships in Cardiff. Great Results with 7 Golds, 11 Silvers & 9 Bronze.



Megan Chambers (U12 Girls -35Kg) – Silver

Dale Jenkins (Male Cadet U16 +70Kg) - Bronze



Stuart Medicke (Male Cadet -63Kg) – Gold

Steffan Benson (Male Cadet +70Kg) – Gold

Ashley Edwards (Male Junior -76Kg) – Gold

Sammi Scott (Senior Female -61Kg) – Gold

Robbie Scott (Senior Male -67Kg) – Gold

Luke Howard (Male Junior -68Kg) – Silver

Sean Rees (Senior Male -67Kg) – Silver

Ussama Hussain (U14 Boys +55Kg) - Bronze



Girls U12 Team (41)  - Silver – Holly Mogford, Portia Ogden & Nia Francis-Davies

Nia Francis-Davies (18) – U10 Girls – Silver

Holly Mogford (20) – U12 Girls +35Kg – Bronze

Lloyd Haines (14) – Male Cadet -57Kg - Bronze



Holly Edwards (Kata U10 Girls) – Bronze

Ffion Wathan (Female Cadet +54Kg) – Gold

Jac Rees (Male Cadet +70Kg) – Silver

Liam Downing (U10 Boys) – Silver

Alex Jones (U12 Boys +45Kg) – Silver

Holly Edwards (U10 Girls) - Bronze

Cerys Wathan (Female Cadet +54Kg) – Bronze



Cain Francis (U14 Boys -55Kg) – Gold

Stacy Lewis (Senior Female -61Kg) – Silver

Joshua Hynes (Male Junior -61Kg) – Silver

Dionne Jones (Female Cadet -47Kg) - Silver

Cherri Davies (U14 Girsl +45Kg) – Bronze

U14 Boys Team - Bronze

Welsh Championships Cardiff 4th April 2010
Congratulations to the following WKK Members on their recent success at the above competition.


Senior Male Team - Gold
Senior Female Team - Gold
Robbie Scott (Senior -60Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Junior +59Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Senior -68Kg) - Gold
Ashley Watkins (Junior -61Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Junior -76Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams (Senior Openweight) - Silver
Sean Rees (Senior -67Kg) - Silver
Samantha Butt (+68Kg) - Silver
Stuart Medicke (U14Boys +55Kg) - Silver
Leighton Brown (U12 Boys +45Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams (Senior +75Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Moore (U12 Girls +35Kg) - Bronze
Ussama Hussain (U14Boys +55Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Morgan ( Junior +59Kg) – Bronze



Holly Edwards (Kata) – Bronze

Holly Edwards (Kumite ) - Bronze



Jordan Plum (U12 Boys -55Kg) - Bronze

Well Done Guys!

Great Britain Team Selection
Congratulations to Robbie Scott (Jishin) on his recent selection for the GB Team
at a 15yr celebration event for the Montenegro Governing Body on March 6th in Podgorica, where both Male & Female Teams achieved the Bronze Medal.

The participating Countries were 
Montenegro - Serbia - Hungary - Bosnia & Herzegovina - France - Great Britain.

It was a very hurried affair, with us leaving Swansea at 5.15 on Friday 5th March, arriving at the Hotel in Podgorica at 22.00. Training at 11.00 and competing at 13.00 on Saturday 6th March.
The Male Team included the following members from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland & Wales.
Callum Robb - Craig Moffatt - Steven Murray - Davin Pack

Lee Heath - James Brunton - Robbie Scott.

The Female Team consists of the following;
Natalie Williams - Katie Hurry - Chloe McClean.
The WKK congratulates you all!

AMA International Open Championships
Ponds Forge, Sheffield 27th & 28th February 2010
Congratulations to the Jishín Squad on their results.
Robbie Scott - Gold (Senior -60Kg)
Sammi Scott - Gold (Junior -53Kg)
Ashley Watkins - Silver (Junior -61Kg)
Ashley Edwards - Bronze (Junior -68Kg)
Samantha Butt - Bronze (Senior +68Kg)
Ffion Morgan - Top 5 (Junior +59Kg)
Sean Rees (Ogwr) - Top 5 (Senior -67Kg)
Well Done Guys! Small Squad - Big Result!

Congratulations to the other WKGB Members VGKO & MOKKO on their results also.

European Cadet & Junior Championships
Izmir, Turkey 5th - 7th February 2010
Congratulations to Sammi Scott (Jishin) on her Top 5 place.
Commiserations on just losing out on the Bronze Medal 2 - 1. 
Great result anyway. Well done to Ashley Edwards (Jishin) on his Top 16 place
and to Ashley Watkins (Jishin) on his fine performance.

Well done to Jordan Harris (WBKA) on his Top 5 place also and to the other WKGB Squad Members on their fine performances.

English Wado Federation Championships
Bishop Perowne College, Worcester 24th January 2010.
Congratulations to our Squad on the following results
Ashley Watkins (Male Junior -65Kg) - Gold
Sammi Scott (Female Junior -55Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Male Junior +65Kg) - Gold
Samantha Butt (Senior Female +60Kg) - Silver
Ffion Morgan (Female Junior +55Kg) - Silver
Senior Male Team 
(Gethin Williams & Gareth Reynolds VGKO) - Silver
Gethin Williams (Senior Male +70Kg) - Bronze.
Well Done Guys! Small Squad - Big Result

Pics To Follow.

Welsh Championships 
WIS, Cardiff 10th October 2009
Congratulations to our Squad on the following results
Robbie Scott (Senior Male -60Kg) - Gold
Ashley Watkins (Junior U18 -61Kg) - Gold
Ashley Edwards (Cadet +70Kg) - Silver
Gethin Williams - Silver (Team Bushikai)
Samantha Butt  (Senior Female +68Kg) - Bronze
Ffion Morgan (Junior Female U18 +59Kg) - Bronze

Welsh Bushikai Championships
Afan Lido, Pt. Talbot 4th October 2009
Stuart Medicke (Under 14 Beg - 4th Kyu) - Gold
Steffan Benson (Under 14 Beg - 4th Kyu) - Silver
Jishin Boys Team (13 - 15 Boys) - Silver (Steffan, Stuart & Luke)
Ellis Gorton (Under 10 Boys Beg - 5th Kyu) - Bronze
Josh Williams (Under 10 Boys Beg - 5th Kyu) - Bronze
Luke Williams (Under 14 3rd Kyu & Above) - Bronze
Liam Woods (Under 16 All Grades) - Bronze
Gethin Williams (Senior Male 3rd Kyu & Above +75Kg) - Bronze
Gethin Williams (Senior Male Team - Bushikai B) - Bronze
Samantha Butt (Senior Female 3rd Kyu & Above) - Bronze.

British Championships
Edinburgh, Scotland, September 5th & 6th 2009
Ashley Watkins (Male Junior -60Kg) - Silver
Sammi Scott (Female Junior -59Kg) - Bronze
Sammi Scott (Female Junior Openweight) - Bronze
Ashley Edwards (Male Cadet +70Kg) - Bronze
Ashley Edwards (Male Cadet Openweight) - Top 5
Sean Rees (Male Junior -68Kg) - Bronze
Robbie Scott (Senior Male -60Kg) - Bronze
Good performances also from Gethin Williams.
Well Done Guys, Only A Small Squad, But Great Results!

BKFAshleySilver2 BKFSammiBronze2
Ashley                                                                                                                        Sammi

BKFAshleyBronze2 BKFRobbieBronze2
Ashley (Shed)                                                                                                            Robbie

Pics Of Sean Rees To Follow

Austrian Junior Open Championships 20th June 2009
No medals, but some great fighting. All positive performances.

Top 5 positions for Ashley Edwards & Mark Trubey.

Well Done Guys! Good Trip.


Congratulations to Jordan Harris WBKA on his Gold Medal - Well Deserved!

Congratulations to Kloe Christoforato VGKO on her Silver Medal in Kata.


North Wales Open Results 7th June 2009

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male -65Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Senior Ladies Openweight)

Sophie Reynolds (Gold: Female U16 Openweight)

Jishin Team (Gold: Senior Male)

(Robbie Scott - Gethin Williams - Sean Rees).

Ashley Edwards (Silver: Male U16 Openweight)

Sean Rees (Silver: Senior Male -65Kg) OKA

Sean Rees (Bronze: Male U18 Openweight) OKA


Well Done Guys! Small Squad, Big Result.

Pics To Follow.


Congratulations To All The Other Associations also, some really tasty fighting.


Welsh Championships Results 23rd May 2009

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male Openweight) The Mastrangeli Cup

Robbie Scott (Gold: Senior Male -67Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Female Junior +59Kg)

Sammi Scott (Gold: Senior Female -61Kg)

Samantha Butt (Gold: Senior Female +68Kg)
Ashley Edwards (Gold: Male Cadet +70Kg)
Mark Trubey (Silver: Male -75Kg)

Stacey Lewis (Silver: Female Junior +59Kg)

Cain Francis (Silver: U12 Boys -45Kg)

Siobhan Bragger (Silver: U12 Girls -35Kg)

Sophie Reynolds (Bronze: Female Cadet +54Kg)

Joshua Hynes (Bronze: Male Cadet -57Kg)

Congratulations to you all, Great Results!

RobbieMastrangeliCup Robbie_Gold

Robbie Openweight                                                                                       Robbie -67Kg

Sam_Butt_Gold SammiTasha
Sam Butt                                                                                                     Sammi & Tasha

More Pics To Follow

Congratulations to all the other Associations.


Wales Selection:

Congratulations to WKK Members Robbie Scott (Jishin) and Gethin Williams (Jishin) on their selection to represent Wales at the European Senior Championships, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia from 8th – 10th May 2009. Well Done Guys! Good Luck to all the other Squad Members selected.

European Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships:

Following their selection to represent Wales at this highly prestigious event, Ashley & Sammi have returned with a highly charged attitude towards International Competition. No wonder, in their 1st ever Europeans, they have both managed to give a very good account of themselves. Ashley looked like he was on the way to medal position, beating the French in the 1st Round 6 - 1. The next round saw an 8 - 0 win against the Turk, only to be prevented by a 1 - 0 loss to the Serbian Fighter. However, finishing Top 8 in his first Europeans is highly commendable.

Sammi took her first win against the Greek well 4 - 1, only to succumb to a 1 - 0 loss in the 2nd Round against the Bulgarian, which left her "Chomping at the Bit", but positioned at Top 16. Well Done Guys!


Congratulations to the other members of the Welsh Squad, who also did well.


European Cadet & Junior Championships:

Congratulations To Sammi Scott (Jishin) & Ashley Watkins (Jishin) on their selection to represent Wales in Paris, January 30th - February 1st 2009.

Well Done Guys - Thoroughly Deserved.


British Championships:

Congratulations to the following WKK Members

Robbie Scott (Jishin) - Double Gold (Junior -68Kg. & Senior -60Kg)

Ashley Watkins (Jishin) - Gold (Cadet -61Kg)

Luke Howard (Jishin) - Bronze (U16 -57Kg.)

Tremendous results guys! Well Done!


World Senior Championships:

Congratulations to Robbie Scott (Jishín), on his selection to represent Wales in Tokyo, Japan from 13th - 16th November. You've had a great year, well done! Good Luck.


Commonwealth Elite Results:

Congratulations to the Welsh Team Members on their tremendous results in Edinburgh. David Godfrey (WKA) - Gold (-70Kg), Gareth Reynolds (VGKO) - Bronze (-65Kg), Rhys Jones (WKK) - Bronze (-65Kg), Robbie Scott (WKK) - Top 5 (-60Kg) and WKGB Male Team - Top 5. Well done guys, great results!


Commonwealth Championships:

Congratulations to WKK Members Robbie Scott (Jishin), Gethin Williams (Jishin) and Rhys Jones (Jishin) on their selection to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Karate Championships (Elite) 31st May & 1st June 2008. Congratulations also to the other members of the WKGB Squad, David Godfrey (WKA), Adam Barber (WBKA), Rhys Edwards (WBKA), Gareth Reynolds (VGKO) and Alice Hooper (WKC).


Wales Selection:

Congratulations to WKK Members Robbie Scott (Jishin) & Gethin Williams (Jishin) on their selection to represent Wales at the European Senior Championships in Tallinn, Estonia 2nd - 4th May 2008. Good Luck!


BUSA Championships:

Congratulations to Rhys Jones (Gold) -65Kg & Robbie Scott (Silver) -60Kg. Once again great results from these guys.


European Championships *** European Medal ***

Congratulations to Robbie Scott (Jishin) on winning the Bronze Medal at the European Junior Championships in Trieste, Italy. Just losing out in Enchosen, for a place in the final, with a contact violation. What a great result following on from his Top 5 World position. We're all extremely proud of you!


Wales Selection:

Congratulations to WKK Members Samantha Butt (Jishin), Rhys Jones (Jishin) & Robbie Scott (Jishin) on their selection to represent Wales, at the 35th European Junior & Cadet Championships to be held in Trieste, Italy from 15th - 17th February 2008. Awesome.

Congratulations to WKK Competitors, Robbie Scott & Rhys Jones on their splendid performances, representing Wales at the World Karate Championships in Istanbul, Turkey 19th - 21st October 2007. Robbie Scott achieving a Top 5 position in the World Rankings. Well Done Guys!

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